Welcome to Digital Ninja. A place where brands come to create video campaigns for television and online. We offer something a little bit different to help video stand out. From concept to consumer, we don’t just produce content that communicates the messages you want heard… we turn it into news for you too. We’re a one stop shop where production meets PR. It’s kind of like buy one, get one free.

We’re a bunch of friends and former colleagues who've brought our professional skills from multiple media disciplines together so we’re able to offer our clients more for less.

Digital Ninja is a boutique agency that’s become a home for former TV news producers, journalists, directors, editors, musicians and PR professionals. Our collective experience gives us a unique insight into creating web video strategies that will actually do more than just create content to go on your website or social media outlet.

We’re story tellers and unless your content is effectively telling a story that people actually care about, it’s just ‘stuff’.

What we do at Ninja is work with you to create the right content for the right audience at the right time. We then look to leverage that into mainstream media through PR to give you greater reach.

Not everything your business is doing will have news value but without the right eyes looking at it how will you ever know what potential you have?

We love what we do and we’ve been doing it in one guise or another for years, so if you’re after a new approach and some PR with your production then give us a yell.

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